What is Unitarian Universalism? 
Unitarian Universalism (UUism) is a liberal religion dedicated to the free search for personal and spiritual truth, community building, social justice and respect for the worth and dignity of individuals.  

What do Unitarian Universalists believe? 
    *      Every individual should be encouraged to develop a personal philosophy of life.
    *      Everyone is capable of reasoning.
    *      We do not need any other person, official or organization to tell us what to believe.
    *      We should be able to present religious opinions openly, without fear of censure orreprisal.
    *      All people should be tolerant of the religious ideas of others.
    *      Truth is not absolute; it changes over time.
    *      Everyone should continue to search for the truth.
    *      Everyone has an equal claim to life, liberty and justice.
    *      People should govern themselves by democratic processes.
    *      Ideas should be open to criticism.
    *      Good works are the natural product of a good faith.

Is Unitarian Universalism a new religion?
No. Our roots go as far back as the 16th century in Western Europe, and we have been in Montreal since the mid-1800s.  

Are Unitarian Universalists Christian?  
Modern Unitarianism and Universalism were born out of the same protestant reformation that saw the creation of many Christian sects, such as Lutheranism and Calvinism. Our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors saw themselves as practising the religion "of Jesus" rather than a religion "about Jesus." Today, we have Christian members and we honour our Judeo-Christian heritage.  We also welcome and encourage a wide spectrum of beliefs, including earth-based faiths and humanism.  Thus, the short answer is no, we are not officially a Christian faith, but Christians are certainly welcome to celebrate with us.

What are Unitarians? What are Universalists?
The Unitarians and Universalists are the two sides of our "family" who merged together as one religious movement in the 1960s.  The Unitarians emphasized the oneness of God (hence the name "Unitarian"). The Universalists emphasized a loving God who would universally save all people no matter what (hence the name "Universalist").   Both upheld  the freedom of individual conscience, the responsibility of religious tolerance, the gift of human reason, and the importance of building loving community -values that guide us to this day.  

Where is your church located?  
We are located at de Maisonneuve St. O. at the corner of Claremont St. We are two minutes from the Vendôme Métro and the 90 bus stops right in front of our door.

When is Sunday Service?  
Service is at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday, year round.  During the summer, the services are led by lay members of the congregation.

Do you perform interfaith weddings?  
We perform marriages for all sorts of couples in a variety of locations under a wide-range of circumstances. 

Do you perform "gay" weddings?  
We proudly perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, conferring full legal status on the relationship. 

Do you perform "baptisms"?  
We welcome children into the world, and honour their parents with a Child Naming and/or Child Dedication ceremony. 

Are children welcome?
Absolutely! Child care for ages 5 and under is available year-round. Children over 5 are invited to attend Religious Education classes or attend services. Drop-ins to RE are welcome.

What should I wear?
Dress is casual. Wear what is comfortable for you. Some people dress more formally, and that's fine too.

What can I expect when I visit your service?
A typical service includes thoughtful readings or personal stories from our minister or church members, musical performances, singing together, and a sermon by our minister. Visit the Sermon Archive to read past sermons. The topic for the upcoming Sunday service is available here and is announced in our on-line newsletter.

Do you pray in your church?
We have time for prayer or meditation in all of our services.

Will someone try to "sell me" on your church? I don't like to be pressured.
We want to make every visitor feel welcomed and comfortable. You will not be pressured or given a "sales pitch." Please visit our welcome table and meet with our friendly greeters as you come through the front doors.

What's happening after the service and on other days?
Stay after the service to meet activity groups, check out books, have a cup of fair trade coffee and chat with those gathered. (Take a green mug if you want us to know you’re visiting). Please meet our greeters before or after the service. You can also pick up the Engage and Connect brochure to take at activities going on at UCM.

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events and activities?
See our on-line weekly newsletter, Week at a Glance. It announces planned events for the upcoming Sunday and week, including children's activities, lunches, and other events. Check out This Month for more information. 

Can I be involved in activities if I’m not a member?
Membership is not a requirement for many activities: art and music, social action, and just plain socializing are open to all. Find your interest on our groups, events and committees on the Committees & Groups page.

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